Running in a winter wonderland

It was a gentle snow fall this morning, just enough to cover the grass and the roads and make it, well, a bit slippery. But that was just fine. It’s Dec. 22 and for the first time it really felt like Christmas.

My friend, Sue, and I met up in Orchard Park. Our 45 minute run through the village was slow and easy. Though the temperatures were cold (about 25 degrees) the air was still. We kept the pace light both because it was supposed to be an easy run and to watch our footing on the snow. The sun wouldn’t rise for another two hours, the route illuminated by holiday decorations and the yellow lights of the snow plows, leaving a layer of salt on the village roads.

If you checked out yesterday’s vlog, you noticed that one of my resolutions is to flip my thinking — to focus on the positives first and look for ways to improve later.

No better time to start the practice than today.

So after each workout (and after any project I’m working on) I plan to make a list of the things I did well and the things I enjoyed.

After the snowy run with Sue, which included making a wide, airplane inspired turn at the end of the run, I returned home to hop on my bike. Set up on a stationary trainer in the basement of my apartment, I completed my hour-long workout with three strength intervals.

Refueled with chocolate milk and oatmeal, I sat down with a brand new journal to craft my morning list.

What did I do well in my workouts today?

I ran easy and at a good pace. I stayed in my heart rate zones and kept a good cadence on the bike. I had proper nutrition and fuel during my hour and 45 minute workout.

What did I feel good about?

I made sure to get enough sleep so that I could get up, have some toast and get out the door at the early-morning hour. I came home after the run and got right on the bike to complete my workouts early. And I felt good about running with my friend in a light snow. It felt like running in a Christmas card. How can that not feel good?

Sadly, I have no photos from this morning. It was too dark to snap a pic that would do the scene justice. But I have that wonderful peaceful feeling of accomplishment that will carry me through the rest of my day.


~ by amymoritz on December 22, 2009.

One Response to “Running in a winter wonderland”

  1. I can just imagine that Christmas card! Sounds like a great morning 🙂

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