Happy Boxing Day

One day, a bunch of friends were having a conversation about our mutual adoration for Canada (not uncommon for those of us who grew up on the Canadian border. It’s that “grass is always greener” attitude).

Anyway, the topic of Boxing Day inevitably came up.

“What is Boxing Day anyway?” one of us asked.

“All I know,” one of the guys answered, “is that Boxing Day involves big, big discounts at The Bay.”

Boxing Day is Dec. 26 — the day after Christmas — and for all intents and purposes is a shopping holiday in Canada and other United Kingdom Commonwealth countries. Historically, it has to do with the wealthy giving gifts to their servants, or those in service positions, along with charities, or so says the Boxing Day Wikipedia entry.

For me, Boxing Day takes on a new meaning — a 10-mile run in Hamilton.

Today is the 89th annual Boxing Day 10 miler in Hamilton. And yes, it’s a 10 mile race, not a 10 kilometer race.

I’m heading up with my friends Sue and Herm, using this in my training as a steady tempo run. Only I peaked at the weather (which includes a mixed bag of rain and snow) and the course (which is listed as “challenging” with the description including the words “increasing steeper climb”) and started to have a bit of a nutty.

But we’re preparing for a New Year and new ways of being. Which include limiting the types of things over which I will allow myself to have a nutty.

Weather and hills are no longer on the list.

So I’ll do my happy dance at the start line, go for a good, hard run and see what happens. The final time, the actual pace, will take care of itself.

Today is a celebration of another year, of good friends and of Canada.

What could be better than that?


~ by amymoritz on December 26, 2009.

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