The magic of Lake Placid

The Olympic theme song — the one played by NBC to signify its coverage that sounds like a dignified march — kept playing over and over in my head. Images of my favorite Olympic moments played like a slideshow and I was lost in a world of awe.

Such was my first trip to Lake Placid two years ago. The region hosted two Winter Olympic Games — in1932 and 1980 — and the small town tucked into the Adirondacks seems to be oozing with historic Olympic spirit. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts year round, for winter Olympic hopefuls, for Ironmen and for anyone who has an athletic or adventurous spirit — even if it’s hidden at the moment.

Today is travel day to Lake Placid with Ironman Lake Placid scheduled for Sunday. Nearly 3,000 competitors will tackle the Ironman here — some for the first time, some for the 12th time. And watching them swim,bike and run in pursuit of their own quest is wholly inspiring.

There really is something magical about Lake Placid. It’s a place with immense healing properties while it encourages (actually, it almost requires) big dreams. In this town, nothing sounds stupid, over the top or impossible.

There is a quote pinned to my bulletin board which reads: “We can’t allow our definition of what’s possible to be based on how big someone else can dream. Our dream is ours and ours alone.”

This comes to life in Lake Placid.

Do I gush? Yes I do.

But we all have that location which is magical for us. Maybe we have one, maybe we have a dozen. Maybe it’s a city or town, a park or a room in our house. It’s a place where our own authenticity emerges and grows. It can simultaneously motivate and calm us. Inspire and quiet us. It’s a place where contradiction can live freely, without curiosity, and where judgements of any kind are left behind. And the true joy in visiting that physical space is knowing that its available any time, because the qualities we find in that particular spot are qualities which live within us.

Today, I am fortunate to travel to one of my magical places, to share the experience with friends and to cheer on others who are tackling their Ironman pursuits. There are times, though, when all I need to do is close my eyes and think about my favorite place, and all those positive associations — the dreams, the energy, the calm, the confidence — come racing back.

Enjoy thinking about your powerful place today — and live from there, regardless of where you physically might be.

~ by amymoritz on July 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “The magic of Lake Placid”

  1. Good luck, sounds like you are inspired. There’s a beach in Cork, Ireland that makes me feel the same – it’s tiny but you can see mountains up behind it and rarely meet anyone there. I always feel i can start swimming from there and reach the States πŸ™‚ Something in the air, maybe the people I go there with, who knows?

  2. University of Oregon campus. Walking around the grounds of my alma mater always puts me in world-is-my-oyster mode again πŸ™‚

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