I said BRRRR

Spending the better part of my graduate school days around the culture of cheerleading, the movie Bring It On is seared into my brain.

And so, with it being 11 degrees with a general lake effect snow fall, only one thing comes to the front of my mind:

Brrrrrr. It’s cold in here. There must be some Toros in the atmosphere. I said BRRRR. It’s cold in here.

Yes, it’s bitter cold and windy. That means nasty wind chills and the light snow flying all over the place. My personal driving anxiety shoots up in times like this and I resort to mantras to keep me calm. Yes, I say to myself over and over again that I will be OK. That all is well. That I will get to (add destination here) and all will be fine.

And it doesn’t hurt to throw a Bring It On cheer in there, either. It will make me smile.

Today’s workout will be intervals on the treadmill as I continue to prepare for the half marathon at Disney next month. As my workouts move more and more inside it is harder and harder for me to gauge how I am doing. This is where trust and faith come into play. I trust my coach. I have faith in my workouts. Remember yesterday’s blog about faking confidence? Yep. If I must, I put my shoulders back, say that brief stint of doubt was a fluke and I’m off to the next interval or workout.

Be safe if you’re out on the roads today in snow and cold.

Be confident no matter where you are.


~ by amymoritz on December 14, 2010.

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