One last look: The numbers and oddities

2010 by the numbers and odd facts:


Triathlons: 5

Duathlons: 1

Running races: 11

Off-road races: 2

PRs set: 5


I began tracking my workouts on the free website Running Ahead in July. So for the final six months of the year my numbers include:

Swim: 69.2 miles

Bike: 1,620.7 miles (Only for July-October. November and December were spent doing timed workouts on the trainer.)

Run: 959.9 miles

Pairs of sneakers used: 4

Most times fallen during a trail run: 3

Number of times nearly attacked by roosters on a bike ride: 2

Odds and ends

Number of Fig Newtons consumed: Countless and too many.

Jars of Nutella consumed: 3

Number of trips to Tom’s Pro Bike Shop for simple fixes on my bike: At least 5

Song added to my iPod playlist because of bike rides with Hitch: Crank That by Soulja Boy

Number of servings of poutine consumed after Montreal Esprit: 2

Number of poutines I regret eating: 1 (the one right after the race!)

~ by amymoritz on December 31, 2010.

One Response to “One last look: The numbers and oddities”

  1. Crank dat Amy momo!!! yes!!!! Such a good ride that was… they all were!!

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